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zenfolio.com is placed on a server with IP: zenfolio.com gets 13.94K page visits per month from search engines via organic keywords. zenfolio.com’s SE organic traffic.

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SEO Tips for Photographers. by. page talking about the keywords they reference. Within the SEO industry it’s. that that picture on your site is a.

The world of SEO has changed dramatically over the past decade, but one area that remains relevant and important is keyword research, and the new Moz Keyword Explorer tool is a. this is helpful to get a clearer picture of just how.

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Jan 6, 2014. Naming your pictures for search engines is very important, and (Don't forget meta data) – confused what this is utilizing strategic keywords (e.g., Chicago-botanic- garden-wedding.jpg) will provide search engines with additional information. That additional information, coupled with SEO compatible content.

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Search Engine Watch says the site is ‘expecting to see an even bigger shift towards voice search in 2018’, with the rise of this kind of search functionality meaning.

Apr 9, 2013. The Zenfolio help center is a great resource for info on how to use keywords for your galleries and photos. By making use of the SEO and social media tools Zenfolio provides I have been able to attract more traffic to my website generally, but specifically more local customers searching for images of their.

sureshot.zenfolio.com is placed on a server with IP: sureshot.zenfolio.com gets 36.52 page visits per month from search engines via organic keywords.

Aug 11, 2011  · Zenfolio and SEO. Is it possible? in. Does anyone know just offhand before I write Zenfolio CS if their site allows you to apply SEO to your photo site?

Aug 4, 2014. If you see through your keyword research that there are new terms popping up, make sure to incorporate these into your text. These SEO strategies can and should be applied to your bio, welcome message, and any business listings you have on directories such as Photographer Central, Yelp, PPA, and.

You need to leave the geeky stuff to your website designer. Concentrate on using these basic tenants of SEO in your blog posts, social media, and other web-based content. When choosing keywords, consider your anchor text. They should.

Dr. Turkeltaub’s website also received an SEO strategy refresh to ensure it meets current industry standards and has the best opportunity to rank competitively for popular plastic surgery procedures and keywords on major search engines.

Perfecting your photo website’s search engine optimization (SEO) can sometimes feel like searching for the Holy Grail. Everyone is going after it, but no one seems.

You’ll want to search for titles similar to your video and look for the best ranking keywords in your niche. Take a look at the top results in each of your searches. These are videos that have done YouTube SEO right. Take notes on what is.

By Jill Whalen The keywords and phrases you use in your Meta description tag may not affect your page’s ranking in the search engines, but this tag can still come in.

May 12, 2017. Zenfolio hears from SEO expert, Eugene Feygin, on the topic of keywords.

This week’s topic: Law Firm SEO. Presented by their CEO, Zeal Caiden, the case study digs in deeply and shows the exact step-by-step process they used to rank a client #2 on Google for all of their "money keywords" including the #1.

Google images would reliably find Photoshelter images, and despite having the same images having the exact same keywords Zenfolio images were seldom found. It may be tweaking a bunch of stuff on Zenfolio will help SEO. But I think most of us who use the service don't wan't to spend extra time.

. the most important one as it has a higher weight in terms of ranking signal compared to off-page SEO. It all begins in an in-depth and proper keyword research, and finding medium to low competition keywords. Moreover, targeting long.

Of course, adding relevant keywords to images and galleries will help too. Blogs in general will yield better SEO results. If you have time, I highly recommend using a Blog. However, you don't have to use your blog as your homepage. There are many photographers with great search engine rankings who.

SEO – Title tag. I believe we would get more incoming traffic if we when we add a title to our photos. same images and keywords. Zenfolio has a lot of good.

Blake Mitchell, SEO specialist at TechWyse Internet Marketing, said his biggest mistake was choosing hashtags that were far too broad. The broader the.

Pin it to read later My technique builds credible, organic links from authoritative sites that will help boost your likelihood of ranking of great keywords. Building.

Click here to learn about meta description. your top keyword phrase should be in your SEO title and. and meta description for each and every photo.

I have googled key words (senior photographer, IL photography.) to see where my Zenfolio pops up & it doesn't at all 🙁 how do I make my site more SEO friendly ? I always use fill in the SEO boxes on blog, photos.but no progress. Does Zenfolio keep up with this or should I be searching for a better SEO.

My WordPress Urbantexture.com blog gets more hits than my Zenfolio hosted SiliconValleyStock.com despite having far fewer images. And my workflow is such that the images (almost always) share the same keywords on all my sites. I shared a Photoshelter site for some stock photo purposes (now.