Yii2 Seo Url Rule

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Continuing with my series of articles on how I developed a complicated, large-scale project using the Yii2 framework and AngularJS, this time around, we’ll talk.

May 20, 2015. When you're playing around with URL rules and you get the dreaded 404 message, there isn't very much help around. I recently used an action with two words in camel case like actionTestThis which, in Yii2, translates to a url like ' mycontroller/test-this'. But if you've put in a special rule for this in your url.

When using the pretty URL format, the URL manager will examine the registered URL rules to find matching one that can resolve the request into a route. If such a rule cannot be found, This is a recommended practice for SEO (search engine optimization) to avoid duplicate content on different URLs. Sometimes you may.

If your title tags are capitalized and a user searches. when it comes to capitalization and SEO is to follow the correct spelling, capitalization and punctuation of words and phrases as established by the rules of the language in which.

By default, each URL rule declared with CUrlManager is represented as a CUrlRule object which performs the task of parsing requests and creating URLs based on the rule specified. While CUrlRule is flexible enough to handle most URL formats, sometimes we still want to.

First of all, we need to enable pretty URLs. In the application config file add the following: $config = [ //. 'components' => [ //. 'urlManager' => [ ' showScriptName' => false, 'enablePrettyUrl' => true, 'rules' => require 'urls.php', ], ]. Note that we're including separate file instead of listing rules directly. It is helpful when.

Oct 13, 2012. For example, given a route /createAccount , the URL manager would generate the following URL by default: /user/createAccount. For SEO purists, this is not very pretty. They would want something like /user/create-account for better readability. To achieve this goal, we can add the following rule when.

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May 10, 2015. Yii2 official documentation has a page about Shared Hosting configuration that provides an example of how you can configure Apache for SEO. This is great when you don't have any URL rules, otherwise not only will you have to duplicate all the rules, but you will also have to change them in two places.

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Feb 11, 2015. I would like to have pretty and SEO friendly URLs like mysite.com/org_name/ org_id/item_description/item_id. The Organization name is not needed by the website but I have included it for SEO reasons. I've got url rules as follows which seem to work for inbound requests 'urlManager' => [ 'enablePrettyUrl'.

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Enable pretty URLs. Sometimes users want to share your site URLs via social networks. For example, by default your about page URL looks like http:// webproject.ru/index.php?r=site%2Fabout. Let's imagine this link on. Configure urlManager component in your Yii config file:. So remove it by additional urlManager rule:

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Jun 2, 2015. It can do much more than that. Learn how to get the most of it in this tutorial. URL Rules. User friendly URLs are great, search engine friendly URLs are even better. If that's not enough consider the fact that you can hide the structure of your app by defining your own rules. 'enableStrictParsing' => true, is a.

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