Any Concern With Having Dash In Website Domain For Seo

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Nov 18, 2016. For some reason, the "subdomain vs. subfolder" myth is still coming up in conversations about SEO. Personally I prefer to use Sub Domains and whilst I agree its like having an entirely different website, I haven't found it to be detrimental to any SEO efforts, but I ensure that there is no duplicate content and.

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Jan 23, 2015. Unsure whether or not it is good to insert a hyphen in a domain name? Learn from SEO experts whether including a hyphen in a domain name of a site is advantageous or detrimental. They will normally type it without any dash and thus you will lose traffic. So you should not use hyphens unless it is.

Apr 6, 2016. It seems logical that having multiple keyword-rich domains pointing at your website would be a good thing to help the SEO. Unfortunately, it causes more harm.

Aug 29, 2015. Which type of Domain in helpful for SEO. For SEO I don't think the hyphen in the domain matters much so long as it reflects the site content. My guess is that they take the domain name string in conjunction with any hits on the search phrase in the body of the web pages and see if there's a match with.

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Actual, functional Web addresses are limited to numbers, characters and the dash. on any other part of the page except for the actual domain, so you must get them right. It is advisable to put the apostrophe into the title, as it will not have.

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The slightest change that's performed incorrectly will cause your website to plummet in ranking, resulting in nonexistent traffic. In fact. Simple changes with your URL, such as, capitalization, adding a hyphen, an underscore, incorrect redirects, changing domain, etc. can have serious implications on your SEO. There is so.

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This is no doubt the case – but it's because spammers tend to use keyword loaded domains separated by hyphens, not because Google is specifically targeting. Your concerns are all very valid.. Have I made a mistake by having the domain name as “tourtheuk” instead of adding hyphens into it as “tour- the-uk”?

Jul 15, 2016. How to choose a domain name: make it brandable, pronounceable, short, intuitive, bias, avoid names that infringe on another company, use broad. I think that the times of having a SEO keyword stuffed should no longer be the focus but more of the points you stated with logically, understandable,